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25th Anniversary Winemaker Dinner

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Papapietro Perry Winery

Indulge in an exclusive winemaker dinner for eight guests at one of the private homes of winery owners Ben & Yolanda Papapietro and Renae Perry.

Ben & Yolanda Papapietro and Renae Perry

Lot Includes:

  • 25th anniversary winemaker dinner for 8 guests with the winery owners, winemaker and vineyard owners
  • Wine tasting experience for 8 guests, including 2 charcuteries and a tour of the winery
  • Signed 3L bottle of 2020 Papapietro Perry 100-point Russian River Valley Pinot Noir
  • A curated selection of winery apparel and merchandise

This intimate celebration of Papapietro Perry’s 25th anniversary will be made even more special by the presence of esteemed guests Winemaker David Low and Peters Vineyard owners Randy and Robin Peters.

Experience an extravagant multi-course meal paired with a curated selection of Papapietro Perry wines, featuring the acclaimed 2020 Peters Vineyard Pinot Noir, the Pinot Cup Winner of Chef Charlie Palmer’s Annual Pigs & Pinot event. A wine tasting will also be arranged for your group of eight, complete with two charcuterie boards and a tour of the winery. Upon your departure, you’ll receive the perfect Papapietro Perry farewell gift – a signed 3-liter bottle of their celebrated 100-point Russian River Valley Pinot Noir, along with your choice of exclusive winery apparel.

Prepare for an evening of unforgettable flavors, great company, and cherished memories as you toast to 25 years of winemaking. This auction lot promises an extraordinary experience that wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs will treasure.

Terms & Conditions:

The date and time for the private dinner and wine tasting to be mutually agreed upon.

1 3-Liter Bottle Collection

  • 2020 Papapietro Perry 100-point Pinot Noir, Russian River Valley, SIGNED, 1 3-LITER